Monday, September 5, 2011

Three Old Grouches

Ever since I was little I imagined myself moving to the bustling city of New York as soon as I turned 18 to go to an ivy league college. I would live in a modest apartment where I would wake up and make myself a healthy breakfast before venturing onto the crowded and noisy streets full of stockbrokers and Broadway stars to walk to school where I would meet up with my devilishly handsome boyfriend and go to my business classes taught by Donald Trump.
Instead, I'm sitting in a small dorm room at the campus of a small college, SVU. This year is special to the college because they have reached an astounding new record with the number of students attending - a proud and whopping 800 students. That's right. 800. It would be an understatement to say that this town the oh so proud university is nestled in is a small one. Buena Vista, Virginia. Ever heard of it? Neither had I.
However small the university is, it's big news in the town. At first the townspeople weren't too happy about the Mormon's taking over an all women's college formerly called Southern Seminary in which many of the women that lived here had once attended. So today as I and my roommate Darlynn assembled together with our fellow students to walk in the Labor Day parade (Labor Day is a big holiday in BV and is the kick off to all political campaigns) to represent our school I was bracing myself for hillbillies to gather up and down the streets, armed with their rotten tomatoes and ears of corn to chuck at us. I am glad to report that as we walked down the street we remained clean of rotting vegetables...for now.