Wednesday, November 16, 2011

12of12 Catch-Up

I understand that I haven't posted any 12of12 photos for...months. So here I am attempting to play a little catch up. Some will still be missing, but we'll get to them soon enough.


1. I have moved to Virginia! This desk is more specifically where I will be living for my first semester of college. 2. The fog! Oh, the fog! Usually you would see my school in the background, but the fog here is so thick that it feels like you're swimming through it. 3. Durham Hall. This is where most of my classes take place. 4. My first class for the day. In this school we don't have fancy equipment, just a good old chalk board and pretty wall colors. 5. These are the stairs I must climb up each day, sometimes multiple times a day, to get to my living residence. 6. What every missionary and college student live for - MAIL! 7. My two roommates (on the outsides) and a good friend (sandwiched in between). 8. My dorm building. The Lofts. 9. Study time. 10. Dinner. 11. I put up those cups as I was running for SVU Senate. My friends helped. 12. Even before we knew each other, my roommates and I coordinate our styles. These are our towels.


1. It happened to be Nerd Day at school for homecoming week - hence the clothing and cheesy smile. 2. Classics of Western Lit class where we were discussing the Aeneid. 3. I'm engaged! 4. Spanish class. 5. A trip to the post office. 5. I am obsessed with sticky notes. They are scattered all over my desk reminding me to do homework, go to meetings, and what days I go to work. 7. Darlynn's (my roommate) family came to town and promptly decorated our dorm and our window with Halloween decorations. 8. Darlynn's suspenders for Nerd Day. 9. The view from the top of the stairs. This is what you normally see without the fog. 10. I love the fall season. It's especially colorful here, even in the rain. 11. Soccer game! We actually won this one. 12. After the soccer game there was a "Flour Fight". We stuffed cooking flour into nylons and used them as weapons. Darlynn and I were so dirty we couldn't wait for one another to finish a shower to get clean so we both got in the shower (we had clothes on - don't get smart with me!)

Well...that's it for now. Until the next 12of12 catch-up.