Friday, July 23, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I know I know. Who do I think I am returning to this place? I pretty much abandoned it, so why return?
Because it's summer, it's late, and I'm bored. Leave it alone alright?
The only problem is that since I'm bored, I have nothing that I really want to write about. Maybe about how I feel like a temp this summer with all the different faux jobs that I have.
First, there's babysitting. Not that bad, but the pay isn't that great, and I feel as though the older I get the less willing I am to babysit. Definitely no more babysitting after this month. For the rest of my life. Until of course I get married and have kids of my own...but that's not really babysitting, that's having a family.
Second, there's the chores at home, which I get paid for. Before you freak out about it though, just realize it's not very much at all. Just a dollar here and a dollar there. Nothing like a real job. Maybe that's why I seem to be doing such a wide range of them this summer.
Third, there's the occasional "favor" for a neighbor or family relation. For example, I'm headed over to Dave Woolley's tomorrow to help him with his work. I did this once last summer to, and the job consisted of screwing in covers onto sockets. Anything could happen tomorrow.
Still, with those three things, I still seem to be broke most of the time. Could it be the ever increasing Cafe Rio and Cold Stone runs that I make with my friends and my sista Meili?