Friday, August 26, 2011

Utah Bucket List - The Completion

Well...I've moved to Virginia and although I haven't been writing lately I have indeed been paying attention to my own dear little blog. For example, I did carry out 4 of the 5 things on the bucket list. The only one I didn't complete was #4 - Learn how to cook things other than Ramen and mac&cheese. I have an excuse for that one though, you see, for the dorm I am currently in, typing this entry, does not have a kitchen, and therefore, I wouldn't be able to cook anyway. So, therefore, learning how to cook would only aid in a depression for I would not be able to share my delicious creations. Instead the recipes would stay bottled up within me until eventually I would be crying homemade tomato soup and sweating Alfredo sauce.

1. Attend the Twilight Concert series - I did indeed attend one concert that the Twilight series hosted. I know...I concert this summer. I'm a failure. BUT, it was a pretty awesome concert. I attended with my besties Adriana and Kenzie to watch the band Ghostland Observatory. Being the daring 18 year olds that we are we ventured in to the heart of the crowd were we encountered many strange people who included but were not limited to: a drunken man trying to feel us up, three to four men hitting on us, make-out partners, and a hippie man trying to flash us.

2. Spend the day at Lagoon - I managed to be able to do this twice, once with Adriana and again with Jordan and Duffy. Both days were so much fun and...there's not much else to say about Lagoon. It's a Utah thing. You only get to know about it if you're special.

3. Eat a lot of tacos from Taco Bell - After many discussions about exactly how many tacos were considered "a lot" we (Jordan, Kody, and I) settled on the number six. A couple is two, a few is three, several is four or five, so therefore a lot is six. With this new found knowledge in our minds the three of us sent out for a Taco Bell where we encountered an ill mannered Shift Manager named Shane at the drive through. He was first angered by the fact that we wanted two separate orders, and then when I asked for some hot sauce before leaving he leaned over the window, stared down at us with condemning eyes and said, "Seriously man, that's messed up," in a lazy, stoner-style voice. He eventually obliged my request, but not before accusing Jordan of turning his head and ignoring him when he was sure he asked if we wanted hot sauce before. No such thing happened.

4. apologies

5. Do something crazy! - There are two possible candidates for the covetous position of this number five bulliten on my Utah Bucket List. I will list both, and you can decide which one you think is more deserving.
a. At the above mentioned Ghostland Observatory concert my dear friend Adriana jumped at the offhand comment that I wanted to some day crowd surf. When she heard this she turned to me, her eyes wide with excitement as she yelled over the music, "Really? DO IT!" Less than a minute later she was asking a pair of tough looking guys next to us to help lift me up and get me going on my crowd surfing adventure. Less then two minutes after commenting I was indeed crowd surfing. And no Meili, my boobs didn't get grabbed as I was living this small adventure.
b. After the concert Adriana was driving us to a local Denny's where we (Adriana, Kenzie, and myself) would meet up with our other bestie, Kolbie. As we were traveling down state street Adriana casually observed, "Wow...there are a lot of cops out tonight," followed almost immediately by "Crap crap crap! I'm getting pulled over!" Irony definitely has a sense of humor and likes to pray on innocent girls.
So there you something crazy can either be crowd surfing, or getting pulled over with my friends for the first time in my life. If you can't make up your mind I guess we can just conclude that that particular night in itself was pretty crazy.