Friday, February 18, 2011

12of12 - February

Click on the block of photos to enlarge
1. At Meili's in the morning so I got to see Calvin in his cute PJs
2. February, Meili made these caldendars, I have on in my room
3. Beautiful flower arrangement at the lunch table after the Women's Conference I attended with Meili
4. Prom pictures
5. Miriam's birthday party was the highlight of my night are pictures of that. This is Morgan, my fierce cousin who just beat up a kid
6. My cousin Brooke and the birthday girl
7. Martin being as silly and crazy as he usually is
8. Calvin and his favorite aunt
9. Meili's taking pictures for her 12of12 too
10. Great Grandma have to know her to understand how awesome she is
11. Cupcakes at the party
12. My mom and her sister doing their own pose (it resembles picture number 4 don't you think?)