Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introducing Agents Flixter & Enthusiasm

Many have wondered why my name in the past has been Agent Pepper. Well I was very much a part of a secret society of super spies. Many other elect agents are a part of the company, but myself, and two others, are the elite. We are the top dogs of the super spy world. No one has yet to beat us. Let us meet the other two agents to which you probably owe your lives.

Occupation: Unknown
Specialty: Filling awkward pauses with facts about English tea time
Completed Missions: Crashing into the median in a Reams parking lot
Languages: Mumbling
Weapons: Super-sonic sneeze machine
Side-kick: Technolad - he has the power of dance
Super power: Ability to pull out exact change on the first attempt when buying something
Gadgets: Invisibility cloak


Occupation: Font designer/namer
Specialty: Getting what she wants
Completed Missions: Spilling nachos all over my butt
Languages: Rambling
Weapons: Removable mustache
Side-kick: Launchlad - has the power to jump increadibly high
Super power: The ability to jaywalk and never get caught
Gadgets: Purple pen - turns what you draw to life