Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bros Before Hoes

I love my three older brothers. Each one are is different and unique from one another as are snowflakes.
Michael is my oldest brother (the one on the far right) and is a Marine, artist. He loves to laugh and for some reason, children flock to him although to regular people he looks quite intimidating with his bald head, mountain man beard, and tattoos.
David is my middle brother, (the one on the left) and is a laid back, fun-loving, adventurer. He likes bands such as Dave Matthews, Ben Kweller, and Fleet Foxes, and is a boarder all the way (skateboard, snowboard, wake board, etc.). He was the popular one in high school, the one with the large group of friends. David can make anyone crack a smile.
Jake is the brother and sibling closest to me in age and attracts attention with his flaming red hair. He's political, intelligent, and rebellious. Don't even consider getting in a debate with him, he'll smear you. Jake is capable of opening up your eyes to things you wouldn't see otherwise.
All my brother's are different, but they're all mine.
Now please enjoy this feature presentation from Michael Johnson.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello Sunshine, Come Into My Life

Hello, all.
This is Adriana,
Guest posting on Rachels brand new blog.
I hope she doesnt mind me taking over the first post.
(If she does, she can yell at me.
I dont mind.

Rachel, I hope the blog is to your liking.
I hope you use it to start fresh.
To talk about your musings.
To rant about boys.
To complain about school.
To turn the page in your blogospheric journal.
I hope you let us into your life.
Because yours is one worth reading about.

Enjoy, my friend.