Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Memories

Growing up with three older brothers wasn't always easy, but it was fun when they decided that they could play with you for a little while. During a Christmas long ago, when I wasn't any taller than four feet, two of my brothers thought that it would be great fun to swing me by my arms and legs onto the living room couch. We had just recently finished decorating the living room, so as I swung to and fro I saw a blur of green and red decorations. My favorite decoration in the living room was our bare, synthetic, Christmas tree on the opposite side of the living room. Well, on about the third round of this swinging game something went terrible wrong. With energy, they threw me onto the couch and at the same time that I let out a scream the tree came crashing down.

Screaming. Crying. Wailing. I held my hand firmly to my head, refusing to let anyone get close enough to figure out what was wrong, so my brothers, along with the other members of the family that had now gathered, turned to the other problem - the fallen tree. Together they hoisted it back up and noticed a new addition to the previously bare tree. A blond ball of hair now hung from the tree, the first ornament the tree would see that season. And the first gift that I received that year? A premature blond spot on my head.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

School Spirit

So I just spent the better part of my day coming up with a brilliant start-of-school playlist for myself (and my fabulous friends, and anyone else who requests one). It's really gotten me excited to start school this year.
I was talking to Adriana about it yesterday. I feel like a Senior, but at the same time I don't feel like it should be my last year of high school. I guess I'll just take it one day at a time. Hopefully I'll get used to it.

Anyway, back to the playlist. I have 21 songs for it (for some reason that's always the number my friends and I do when mixing a CD for each other), but they're not in the perfect order yet. I'll probably spend all day tomorrow trying to figure that out instead of mowing the lawn and practicing piano and voice. Sorry JoLynn and Lana!

All in all, I'm beginning to get excited about school.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I know I know. Who do I think I am returning to this place? I pretty much abandoned it, so why return?
Because it's summer, it's late, and I'm bored. Leave it alone alright?
The only problem is that since I'm bored, I have nothing that I really want to write about. Maybe about how I feel like a temp this summer with all the different faux jobs that I have.
First, there's babysitting. Not that bad, but the pay isn't that great, and I feel as though the older I get the less willing I am to babysit. Definitely no more babysitting after this month. For the rest of my life. Until of course I get married and have kids of my own...but that's not really babysitting, that's having a family.
Second, there's the chores at home, which I get paid for. Before you freak out about it though, just realize it's not very much at all. Just a dollar here and a dollar there. Nothing like a real job. Maybe that's why I seem to be doing such a wide range of them this summer.
Third, there's the occasional "favor" for a neighbor or family relation. For example, I'm headed over to Dave Woolley's tomorrow to help him with his work. I did this once last summer to, and the job consisted of screwing in covers onto sockets. Anything could happen tomorrow.
Still, with those three things, I still seem to be broke most of the time. Could it be the ever increasing Cafe Rio and Cold Stone runs that I make with my friends and my sista Meili?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introducing Agents Flixter & Enthusiasm

Many have wondered why my name in the past has been Agent Pepper. Well I was very much a part of a secret society of super spies. Many other elect agents are a part of the company, but myself, and two others, are the elite. We are the top dogs of the super spy world. No one has yet to beat us. Let us meet the other two agents to which you probably owe your lives.

Occupation: Unknown
Specialty: Filling awkward pauses with facts about English tea time
Completed Missions: Crashing into the median in a Reams parking lot
Languages: Mumbling
Weapons: Super-sonic sneeze machine
Side-kick: Technolad - he has the power of dance
Super power: Ability to pull out exact change on the first attempt when buying something
Gadgets: Invisibility cloak


Occupation: Font designer/namer
Specialty: Getting what she wants
Completed Missions: Spilling nachos all over my butt
Languages: Rambling
Weapons: Removable mustache
Side-kick: Launchlad - has the power to jump increadibly high
Super power: The ability to jaywalk and never get caught
Gadgets: Purple pen - turns what you draw to life

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bros Before Hoes

I love my three older brothers. Each one are is different and unique from one another as are snowflakes.
Michael is my oldest brother (the one on the far right) and is a Marine, artist. He loves to laugh and for some reason, children flock to him although to regular people he looks quite intimidating with his bald head, mountain man beard, and tattoos.
David is my middle brother, (the one on the left) and is a laid back, fun-loving, adventurer. He likes bands such as Dave Matthews, Ben Kweller, and Fleet Foxes, and is a boarder all the way (skateboard, snowboard, wake board, etc.). He was the popular one in high school, the one with the large group of friends. David can make anyone crack a smile.
Jake is the brother and sibling closest to me in age and attracts attention with his flaming red hair. He's political, intelligent, and rebellious. Don't even consider getting in a debate with him, he'll smear you. Jake is capable of opening up your eyes to things you wouldn't see otherwise.
All my brother's are different, but they're all mine.
Now please enjoy this feature presentation from Michael Johnson.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello Sunshine, Come Into My Life

Hello, all.
This is Adriana,
Guest posting on Rachels brand new blog.
I hope she doesnt mind me taking over the first post.
(If she does, she can yell at me.
I dont mind.

Rachel, I hope the blog is to your liking.
I hope you use it to start fresh.
To talk about your musings.
To rant about boys.
To complain about school.
To turn the page in your blogospheric journal.
I hope you let us into your life.
Because yours is one worth reading about.

Enjoy, my friend.